Joel Embiid: Minutes Restriction is ‘F*cking Bullsh*t’

by October 17, 2017

Sixers center Joel Embiid is none too pleased with head coach Brett Brown’s plan to keep his minutes “in the teens” at the beginning of the season.

“That’s f*cking b*llsh*t,” Embiid told the local media Tuesday afternoon.

Brown hopes to ramp up the unhappy big fella’s playing time to 32 minutes by January.

Per the Philly Voice:

The initial minute restriction that you’re on, did they give you any hope that would be lifted at some point?


EMBIID: “That’s f*cking b*llsh*t, I wish I was playing more minutes. I think I’m ready for more than, I don’t know whatever number they have. I don’t know, I wish I was playing more, but we’re going to see how it goes.”


Can you go in and appeal to them?


EMBIID: “I always think I have a voice, so I’m sure they’re listening to what I have to say too, but they’re making a decision based on what they think. But I think that’s bullsh*t.”


When does that usually get decided?


EMBIID: “I think they’re talking about it right now. I think the number is going to be 16 [minutes] or something like that. I played about that in the preseason and I felt good, I played mostly in the first half and my body felt great. I still gotta get in game shape, but I think I’m ready for more.”

Joel Embiid Unhappy With Minutes Restriction ‘in the Teens’