Joel Embiid Says He Was Joking About Lonzo Ball

by November 14, 2017

Joel Embiid and Lonzo Ball are set to face off tomorrow night, and Embiid wants to make sure no one continues to think he dislikes Ball.

The big fella says all the shots he took at the rookie were in jest.

Embiid appreciates Ball’s approach to the game on and off the court.


“I love Lonzo,” Embiid told ESPN. “The whole situation with them, I think it’s just fun. I love what he’s doing, especially with his own shoe. He’s staking his own place. People think I hate him, but I love him.”


Embiid said the NBA draft-night tweet of June 22 in which he told Sixers rookie Ben Simmons, “Please dunk on him so hard that his daddy runs on the court to save him” was meant to be a funny reference to something Simmons’ sister Olivia had tweeted after LaVar Ball’s controversial interaction with Fox Sports host Kristine Leahy. On May 18, Olivia Simmons tweeted, “I hope my brother dunks on Lonzo Ball so hard next year that his daddy runs on the court to help him up.”


“I just meant it to be funny,” Embiid said. “Even the thing I said ‘Oh please dunk on him,’ I just took it from [Simmons’] sister, who said that like weeks before that.”