John Wall: Bradley Beal ‘Should Be an Automatic Lock’ for All-Star Game

Bradley Beal “should be an automatic lock” for the NBA All-Star Game next month, according to Wizards teammate John Wall.

Wall says not only does Beal deserve to be an All-Star, but that he was also snubbed last year.

Beal, 24, is averaging a career-best 23.6 points per game for a Washington team that’s gone 23-17 despite Wall missing eleven games.

Per the WaPo:

“I mean, he’s been the MVP of our team,” John Wall said. “I think it should be an automatic lock for him to be an all star. … I think he deserves it. I think he deserved it last year, and he got snubbed, and sometimes that happens in this league. And I feel like this year there’s no way he could be snubbed, at all.”


Wall, though, also acknowledged that Beal earned just 71,000 votes in the first wave, putting him far behind other players who won’t make the team. “That lets you know what it’s all about,” Wall said.


Both Beal’s agent and his team have asked him to use his social-media reach to ask fans for more votes. He has declined, making only one exception: for a video starring real-life pandas — one of his nicknames — accompanied by various panda-power get-out-the-vote captions. That, he thought, seemed corny enough not to offend. Good luck getting him to go further than that.


“I just feel like I shouldn’t have to do that just to get votes,” Beal explained. “My game should speak for itself. I mean, it’s not like we’re running for president … We just want to play. That’s all. If the accolades come, they come. And if they don’t? They don’t.”

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