John Wall: Kyrie Irving Trade Request ‘Crazy to Me’

by August 07, 2017

Kyrie Irving‘s desire to be moved by the Cavs came as a shock to John Wall.

Wall says if he were in Irving’s shoes, he’d want to stay in Cleveland and waltz to the NBA Finals every year.

Wall, however, acknowledges that it can’t be easy for Kyrie to live under LeBron James‘ enormous shadow.

Per CSN Mid-Atlantic:

“That was crazy to me. I didn’t know that was happening at all. Well, too bad,” Wall said of the timing. “It’s kinda tough. If I had been to three straight [NBA] Finals, I’d want to stay but you never know what type of relationship or what type of details they have going on the backside. Nobody knows what’s going on behind closed doors. He’s one of those guys who wants to be the main guy.


“It’s a different situation when you’re playing with a guy like LeBron James who is so dominant. Everyone is always going to be the second guy to him. It’s kind of like what I tell all the young guys when they first come into the league. It’s kind of tough to get the young guys to play as one on the floor because everybody is trying to build their name up and start their own foundation. It’s kind of tough when you’re always in the shadow of somebody else. That’s something he probably got tired of.”


Wall stopped short of agreeing with a reporter who suggested Irving’s ordeal could make the Cavs vulnerable.


“You can’t say that because you don’t know who they are going to trade for or who they are going to add. You have to get through LeBron, so it’s like ‘damn,'” he said.

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