John Wall: Wizards Need to Be ‘More Serious, Respectable and Professional’

by March 06, 2012

It wasn’t just Andray Blatche who was feeling down after the Washington Wizards’ latest loss last night. Head coach Randy Wittman and point guard John Wall were highly critical of their team. From the Washington Times: “The slow start was little more than a continuation of poor pre-game preparation. ‘We lost the game before we went on the court,’ said guard John Wall, who had 20 points and 14 assists. ‘Too much joking in the locker room, too much joking through warm-ups.’ Interim coach Randy Wittman said, ‘When I walked into the locker room before I sent them out, I had a vibe. We weren’t ready. That’s my responsibility.’ The Warriors took a 41-24 lead after the first quarter and Washington’s play remained as icy as the conditions outside the arena. The visitors shot 54.2 percent from the floor, including a remarkable 65.2 percent (15-for-23) from 3-point range. […] ‘That’s about as disappointed as I’ve been,’ said Wittman. ‘I had a sense before the game that we weren’t ready to play. That’s my job … we come in with that effort to start the game – inexcusable. And that’s on me. That’s on me.’ ‘You think people would be more serious,’ Wall added. ‘[We need to be] more serious and respectable and professional.'”