John Wall Working on Business Management Degree During NBA Lockout

by October 18, 2011

John Wall hasn’t just been working on his game and dazzling in exhibition contests this offseason; he’s also hitting the books pretty hard. Reports the WaPo: “After scoring 38 points in the Goodman League’s 172-169 loss to Team Philly on Saturday at Coolidge High, Wall said he has also enrolled in two online classes to counter his occasional boredom. ‘I think the lockout has really given me the opportunity to go back to school … to get closer to my degree. I’m developing, studying and working on my game,’ said Wall, who is pursuing a degree in business management. ‘It’s not too bad. Ain’t no practice, so I work out in the morning and I’ve got the rest of the day to myself. It’s just video games and homework.’ Wall supports the union in its fight to get a favorable deal in the next collective bargaining agreement and has taken an amplified interest since it will greatly affect his career earning potential. ‘I think it’s really for the young guys. You’ve got to be the ones that’s ready to stick,’ he said. ‘It’s a whole lot to talk about. A hard cap, an extra two years on the rookie contract. Those are things that a lot of people and fans don’t understand.’ The NBA has eliminated the first two weeks of the regular season, and Commissioner David Stern has threatened to wipe out more games if progress isn’t made soon. Wall is unwilling to accept 50-50 split with the owners on basketball-related income. The players have already come down from the 57 percent they received in the previous deal. ‘We at 53 percent. That’s the number we stand at,’ Wall said. ‘It’s 53 percent with a good system.'”