Jordan Crawford: ‘I Can Be Better Than Michael Jordan’

Up until now, Jordan Crawford’s biggest accomplishment had been dunking on LeBron James during an offseason run (the infamous dunk footage that Nike tried to confiscate in 2009.) He’s now talking about one day being better at basketball than Michael Jordan. The Wizards may not be a very good team right now, but they do set some awfully big goals for themselves. Per the WaPo: “On the bio section of his Twitter account, @jcraw55, Jordan Crawford mentions a very audacious ambition: ‘On A Mission to become the GREATEST!!!!!! WHY NOT?’ Get out of the way, Dwyane. I want to be the best. (Nick Wass – AP) Seems like an decent motivational tool. Dream big, achieve big. When asked to elaborate on that statement last month at the Impact Basketball Competitive Training Series in Las Vegas, Crawford explained how he believes Jordan will go down as the greatest to play the game — just not the Jordan you would expect. ‘I don’t tell nobody, but I feel like I can be better than Michael Jordan,’ Crawford said, without the slightest hint of sarcasm. ‘When I’m done playing, I don’t want people to say, Michael Jordan is the best player. I want that to be me. That’s how I am. That’s how I was built.’ Um, what? You realize people will look at you sideways and think you’re crazy for saying that, right? ‘Yeah, I know that, I definitely know that. But I’m not settling for anything less,’ Crawford said. ‘I feel like I’m better than him, anyway. My mom is going to say I’m better than him.'”