Jose Calderon Expected to Start For Detroit Pistons

Although he’s still ironing out some kinks with his work visa, and although he’s yet to play a minute with his new team, Pistons point guard Jose Calderon will enter the starting lineup as soon as possible, per head coach Lawrence Frank. Via “Frank immediately declared that Calderon will become his starter… ‘It’s no different than in football when you’ve got a quarterback,’ Frank said.  ‘It’s no knock on anything that you’ve got now.  It’s just that Jose is really elite at it.  He understands how to get guys the ball in the right place at the right time.  Plus, he loves doing it.  That’s his instinct.  His instinct is to give.  His instinct is to get everyone involved.’ Calderon has ranked in the top three in NBA assist-to-turnover ratio for three consecutive years.  His 4.44 ratio ranks fourth in the league this season. ‘He’s a giver,’ Frank said.  ‘He makes other people feel real good about their games.'”