Josh Smith Has Upset the Miami Heat

by April 30, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Last night’s Hawks/Heat game reminded many of the late 80s/mid 90s postseason wars, with its flagrant fouls, falls, injuries and sheer physicality.

The only difference between then and now, I suppose, is having someone crazy enough to attempt a between the legs windmill dunk late in the fourth quarter with the outcome no longer in question — and missing it to boot.

Welcome to the world of one Josh Smith, whose antics have given the Miami Heat plenty of added motivation going into Game 6.

More from the AP and Sun-Sentinel:

“They came in here and did what they had to do,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “They kicked our butts in pretty much every way possible that you could in a basketball game and there at the end it turned into a highlight show, pickup game, highlight reel, really trying to embarrass us.”

“We were very insulted by it,” Dwyane Wade said.

Coach Spoelstra added that it’d be fitting if this series went the distance, and I’d like to think that most people agree.

Game 6 is on Saturday night in Miami.