JR Smith Won’t Get Into ‘Blank-Measuring Contest’ with Dwyane Wade Over Starting Spot

by September 28, 2017
jr smith dwyane wade contest starting

JR Smith says he won’t get into a “blank-measuring contest” with newly acquired Dwyane Wade over the Cavs’ starting 2-spot.

Smith added that while he hasn’t been told who will start, he doesn’t mind coming off the bench (starting at 1:51):

“I’m not really going to focus on if I’m starting or I’m not. I’m still going to be able to play.


“If coach needs me to start, I’ll start. If he needs me to come off the bench, I’ll come off the bench.


“I’m not going to sit here and get into a ‘blank’-measuring contest with Dwyane Wade. I’m not gonna win that.”

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