JR Smith: ‘I Don’t Think Anyone Can Beat Us’

by April 18, 2015

JR Smith is feeling pretty good about the Cavs’ chances in the Playoffs. In a first-person narrative, Smith writes that no team can eliminate the Cavs in the postseason.

Smith touches on a lot of interesting topics, including his public image, playing alongside LeBron vs Carmelo—he even calls Kevin Love “the ultimate teammate.” Be sure to read to the whole piece at The Cauldron:

Naturally, as LeBron’s teammate, when you see the top dog playing the game a certain way, you have no choice but to follow suit. Not because you bow down to King James, but because the results are there for the team, because the wins keep coming, and because you can literally see things coming together each night right before your eyes.


As for what comes next in Cleveland, I will make it real simple for you: If we continue to play the way we have been playing, I don’t think anyone can beat us.


Now that the playoffs are here, people are going to discover that our greatest strength is that we play for one another. We willingly share our knowledge with one another so that collectively, the team becomes even stronger. It happens in practice, it happens on the floor during games, and it even happens from the bench.