JR Smith Says Raymond Felton More Unselfish Than Jeremy Lin

The New York Knicks will face Jeremy Lin for the first time since he joined the Houston Rockets tomorrow night, and right on cue, JR Smith delivered the bulletin board material. Smith believes Raymond Felton is better suited to run the pick-and-roll than Lin. From ESPN: “J.R. Smith played in a Knicks offense run by Jeremy Lin last season. This year, he’s playing in an offense run by Raymond Felton. So, which point guard is better? To Smith, that’s an easy one to answer. The Knicks guard said that Felton is much more adept at running the pick and roll — a staple of New York’s offense. ‘He’s so much (more) dynamic in the pick and roll than Jeremy was last year,’ Smith said. ‘Just finding the lob and finding the guys in the corner for a 3 … not always just looking for his shot.’ […] Smith said Felton, who was brought in to replace Lin, is ‘so much different’ from his predecessor at the point. ‘Ray is out there, he’s attacking, attacking, attacking,’ Smith said. ‘He’s attacking to look like he’s scoring and he’s finding other people open as well as attacking to actually score.'”