J.R. Smith Shouldn’t SeekThe Birdman’s Dunk Contest Advice

by February 11, 2009

Which, naturally, is exactly what Smith’s going to do before replacing Rudy Gay: “Nuggets guard J.R. Smith plans to seek advice from teammate Chris Andersen before taking part in Saturday’s All-Star dunk contest. Well, J.R., before you get Andersen’s advice, make sure it’s from what he did in the 2004 contest, not the 2005 one. In 2004, Andersen, then with the Nuggets, finished third in Los Angeles. Some believed he got ripped off, including apparently Jack Nicholson, who showed great approval from the front row when it came to Andersen’s dunks. But in 2005, Andersen, then with New Orleans, provided one of the more embarrassing dunking shows in All-Star history. At the game in Denver, Andersen missed his first eight attempts on his first dunk and his first five attempts on his second dunk.”