JR Smith’s Home Robbed During Playoffs

by June 12, 2010

Smith’s rented Denver mansion was robbed on April 28 while he was away playing the Jazz. Burglars stole bags, watches and $15,000 in ‘gambling money’:

“Smith’s account of what happened is said to have duplicated (housemate Laquan) Johnson’s in most respects — but he did add some intriguing details:

• The money kept in the luggage was used as gambling money.
• He has no idea who may have burglarized his house.
• Last night he did not call the police because he didn’t want the press catching wind of this and that he wanted to talk with his parents before he did anything about the burglary.
• When he spoke to his father this morning he was told that the insurance company would need a police report before they could file a claim.

The kicker? The security cameras covering the front entrance of the country club weren’t turned on that night, so there was no footage that might have helped the ACSO figure out who made off with Smith’s watches, bags and mad money.”