Julius Erving Not a Big Fan of Today’s NBA

by April 05, 2011

Dr. J tells the NY Times that he doesn’t enjoy watching the NBA today a heck of a lot, though he can often be seen doing promo work for the League: “Q. Do you enjoy watching games instead of playing? A. ‘I never sit down and watch a whole game from beginning to end. I always catch parts of games and highlights. I’ve never been a great fan. I’m always a little critical.’ Q. What team do you like to watch? A. ‘I like the Spurs. They used to play with [Tim] Duncan in the post more. But they’ve moved away from it now. They try to spread out. Tony Parker drives the lane and dishes and Manu Ginobili does something. The offense doesn’t go through Duncan as much as it used to.’ Q. What players do you enjoy the most? A. ‘I like watching Kobe, LeBron, Dwyane and Durant play.’ Q. How is the game different today? A. ‘There was more post play when I played. First option was always inside. We went inside out. If inside wasn’t there, you try and impose your will. Then you settle for outside.”