Juwan Howard Close to Joining the Miami Heat

by July 13, 2010

Florida is gaining yet another senior citizen, as Howard shuffles over to the Miami Heat. From the Sun-Sentinel: “Portland Trail Blazers forward Juwan Howard is the latest free agent to push for a seat aboard for the Miami Heat’s 2010-11 ride with Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh. Howard, who has been finalizing his minimum-scale deal with Heat President Pat Riley, is in the midst of sorting out last details before joining the team. ‘Juwan wants to get a ring and he has great respect for Coach Riley,’ agent David Falk told the Sun Sentinel Tuesday. ‘We’ve talked to the Heat. There’s a mutual interest. That’s all I feel comfortable saying at this point.’ This marks practically 14 years to the date when Howard initially tried to sign with the Heat. But after Howard agreed to a Heat contract on July 15, 1996, the league voided the deal because of the order in which the Heat submitted its contracts in regard to the salary cap.”