Karl Malone To Blake Griffin: ‘Next Time One Guy Cheap Shots You, Just Lose Your Mind’

by February 01, 2014


As one of the League’s old school tough guys, Karl Malone offered advice for Blake Griffin for the next time the Clippers forward takes a beating on the court. The Mailman said he’d tell Griffin to “just lose your mind,” adding, “I would pay your fine.” Via LBS:

The Mailman was a color commentator for ESPN’s telecast of the Utah Jazz-Golden State Warriors game on Friday night and talked about how much he likes Griffin. He then explained what advice he would offer the Clippers forward.

“I would love to spend some time with Blake Griffin,” Malone said. “I love that kid. First thing I’d do [is say], ‘Blake, the next time one guy cheap shots you, just lose your mind. I would pay your fine. Lose your mind, run roughshod … if a coach grab you, throw him too and say ‘I’m sorry coach.’

“I love the way this kid plays. I don’t like the cheap shots that people take at him,” Malone said.