Karl Malone to Coach Utah Jazz Big Men

by May 30, 2013

Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter are getting a new, formidable instructor. Karl Malone has signed up for a part-time gig to coach the Utah Jazz’s big fellas. Per the Salt Lake Tribune: “Malone was approached by head coach Tyrone Corbin about the possibility of him working with Favors and Kanter after the season. The franchise’s chain of command recently signed off on the idea and CEO Greg Miller spoke of the team’s new relationship during a Wednesday afternoon radio interview. ‘Everything is about timing,’ Malone said, ‘and the timing is right. The fact they think I might be able to help is pretty neat. … I’m not getting bored or anything. I’ve got plenty to do. But I also grew up playing basketball my whole life, so this is exciting for me.’ At the same time, Malone didn’t make any promises. He called Favors and Kanter ‘two of the most talented bigs in the NBA right now’ but added, “If someone is looking for Karl Malone to come in and wave a magic wand, that ain’t happening. These kids will be as good as they want to be. It’s up to them.’ Malone has already started working with Favors. Kanter will join the sessions ‘probably in about a month,’ after he fully recovers from shoulder surgery. According to Malone, he will approach his new role as mentor ‘the same way I played — with everything I’ve got.’ Malone is concerned that his part-time return to the Jazz might be misconstrued as something more. ‘I’m not going to be sitting on the bench,’ he said, ‘and I’m not going to be taking over any meetings. We’ll take some small baby steps and go from there. … I don’t want to be a distraction.'”