Kawhi Leonard Says Zaza Pachulia Wasn’t Making A Dirty Play

Spurs fans were furious at Zaza Pachulia after his extra step injured Kawhi Leonard in the third quarter of the Warriors’ 113-111 Game 1 victory on Sunday.

Leonard was putting on a show, helping the Spurs to a 76-55 lead with 26 points and 8 rebounds.


The play could easily have been viewed as a dirty one, especially given Pachulia’s reputation.

But Leonard dismissed the notion that Pachulia stepped under him on purpose.


“Did he step under [my foot]? Like on purpose? No.


“He was contesting a shot. The shot clock was coming down, and I would have to see the play.

Kawhi has rolled his left ankle three times in the Spurs’ last three games (first in Game 5 vs the Rockets, and twice in Game 1 vs the Warriors).

Kawhi would not commit to playing in Game 2.

Kawhi Leonard Injures Left Ankle in Game 1