Kendrick Perkins Backtracks from Criticism of Head Coach Scott Brooks

by June 21, 2012

Kendrick Perkins and Scott Brooks put to bed the critical comments made by the OKC Thunder big fella after their Game 4 loss. From “They were up 23-12 when Brooks decided to go small, subbing Derek Fisher in for Perkins. And that seemed to be what Perkins was upset about. The OKC small lineups were a plus-3 in the final 3:17 of that first quarter, but Brooks played small the entire second quarter, which the Heat won 27-16. In total, the Thunder played big for just 14 minutes on Tuesday. They were a plus-4 in those 14 minutes, but that includes the hot start. In the third quarter, the Thunder starters were outscored 18-11 in five minutes. And they never played big after that. ‘I don’t think the game comes down to who plays and who doesn’t play,’ Brooks said Wednesday. ‘It’s how we play.’ […] ‘We’re going to roll with whatever Coach does,’ Perkins said. ‘If he wants to go with a big lineup, we’re going to support that. If he wants to go with a small lineup with one big, we’re going to support that. At the end of the day, it’s about sacrificing and getting a win. We’re all on the same page, and we’re pulling for each other, and we’ve all just got one goal, to sacrifice and come and play.'”