Kendrick Perkins: ‘Me and Tyson Chandler Never Got Along’

by May 18, 2011

One game into the Western Conference Finals, and we already have some good storylines developing. ESPNDallas brings the info: “Kendrick Perkins and Tyson Chandler can’t even agree on whether there is bad blood between the big men… ‘Me and Tyson never got along. I’m serious,’ said Perkins, whom the Thunder acquired in a trade deadline deal with the Boston Celtics. ‘He don’t like me, I don’t like him and that’s pretty much how it’s been. Everybody always looks at me as kind of like a dirty player if you’re on the opposite team, but he’s just as dirty as anybody else.’… ‘I have nothing against him,’ Chandler said of Perkins. ‘He won a championship with the Boston Celtics, and that’s where I’m trying to take my team. I mean, I’ve got respect for him, what he was able to accomplish. But all the chippy stuff, the after-the-ball stuff, that’s all nonsense and I’m not going to get involved with it.'”