Kenneth Faried Says He’s Having an ‘Awful’ Season

by December 01, 2014

Following a strong showing at the FIBA Basketball World Cup last summer, Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried has come crashing back down to Earth.

Faried hasn’t resembled “The Manimal” — averages of 11.4 points (on 50 percent shooting) and 7.1 rebounds are all down from last season.

The big fella admits that he’s feeling extra pressure after recently inking a long-term deal with the Nuggets.

Per the Denver Post:

Kenneth, how do you feel about your seas … “Awful,” he said. […] Awful? […] “Awful.”


“I just haven’t been playing my game,” Faried said. “I know it. My teammates know it. My coaches know it. Hopefully, this month of December, I turn everything around. But for me, it’s awful. You’ve got to be able to look at yourself, look at the man in the mirror and say that to yourself. And be able to correct yourself.”


“But I’ve got to just deal with the fact that I’m that type of player now. Next year, I start getting paid that type of money, so I can’t be making the mistakes that I’ve been making. Or not doing what I usually do, or what got me the contract. I’ve got to focus back in and get, not even just rebounding and scoring, just find my love for the game like I always had.”