Kenny Natt Will Soon Be Unemployed

Changes are a-comin’ in Sacramento: “In what was dubbed ‘a town-hall barbecue,’ they were all there to discuss the painful season that had finally passed, as well as the future. After the franchise’s worst season in its 50-year history, there was no shortage of questions that made the powers-that-be squirm in their seats. And when the topic of the looming-but-unofficial end of the Kenny Natt era as coach was brought up, Maloof shrugged and yielded to Petrie. ‘We have a coach right now,’ Petrie said. ‘That situation is still being evaluated. There obviously needs to be resolution, and there will be.’ Petrie was just as vague with the media afterward as he had been during the event. ‘It’s still under evaluation,’ he reiterated. ‘And when we have something to say about it, we’ll say it.’ But according to sources close to the team, Natt is expected to be informed by the end of this week that he won’t return as head coach.”