Kenyon Martin Calls Out Joakim Noah: ‘That Boy Sucks’

Kenyon Martin has been out of the NBA for two years, but he still thinks he’s better than some players in the League—namely Knicks center Joakim Noah.

During an interview with Hot 97, Martin took shots at Phil Jackson for his failures in the front office, and then went into a full rant about Noah (starting at 15:17):

Martin: “Picking talent? That ain’t [Jackson’s] strong suit, as you can tell. The man gave Joakim Noah $70 million. Boy can’t hit his ass with both hands.”


Now you going after Joakim Noah…


Martin: “I’m going to continue to go after Joakim Noah. That boy sucks.”

Martin even made fun of Noah’s horribly botched free throw last season (and made a pretty spot-on impression of Noah’s face).

Martin: “I’ve never shot a ball and made that face. I’ve been playing basketball for a long time. What basketball player you know that done that?” […]


(17:06) “I’ll play him for his contract. Play him for his contract. Right now, off the couch.” […]


“[Stephen Jackson and I] look at people’s skills, and we feel we should still be playing, and we can play. Just opportunities. And you give a guy like that that kind of money for nothing man.


“If it ain’t me. If could have been somebody else for the Knicks.”

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