Kenyon Martin Ranks Kobe Over LeBron because of His ‘Mentality’

by August 03, 2017
kobe lebron kenyon martin

Echoing Michael Jordan‘s comments from earlier this week, 15-year NBA vet Kenyon Martin thinks Kobe Bryant was a better player than LeBron James.

While he disagrees with MJ’s “five beats three” argument, K-Mart gives Kobe the edge over LeBron because of the “mentality” that he brought to the court. Via Undisputed (starting at 0:53):

K-Mart: “I’m Team Kobe, but that’s just me.


“I played against both guys, more of Kobe in the West. Seeing that first-hand.


“Taking nothing away from LeBron, but I’m Team Kobe.”




K-Mart: “Just mentality. He’s the closest thing, in my opinion, to Michael Jordan.”

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