Kerr: Magic Following Roster Blueprint Of Cavs

by May 14, 2011

The Orlando Sentinel talks to the former GM who tried nearly everything to keep the Suns’ title aspirations alive. “In reality, astute NBA observers say, the Magic’s options are severely limited by an oversized payroll and by a roster that lacks attractive trade assets. ‘I just feel like they’ve kind of gone down the same path as Cleveland went around LeBron [James],’ Steve Kerr, an analyst for TNT and the former general manager of the Phoenix Suns, said during an interview Friday. ‘Not to make it an ominous sign, but they’ve really tried hard and they’ve spent a ton of money to put people around Dwight hoping that that would convince him to stay, hoping that that would get the franchise over the top. But in the end, the risk was extending themselves on the cap and really hamstringing their future options. It was very similar to Cleveland, and I think that’s where Orlando is now. There’s no way ā€” there’s no way ā€” you can get Chris Paul or Deron Williams when you don’t have cap room and you don’t have assets.'”