Kevin Durant Downplays Angry Shouting With Serge Ibaka

by January 29, 2013

Things have gotten more and more testy between Kevin Durant and teammate Serge Ibaka this season — they have screamed at each other on the court with increasing regularity of late, but Durant says it’s not a very big deal. Per the Oklahoman: “In several recent games, the two have frequently yelled at each other while attempting to iron out breakdowns. Durant wouldn’t go into detail about what the disputes have been over, but he said each player is simply trying to make the other better. ‘We’re just trying to help each other out. At the end of the day, that’s all we’re trying to do,’ Durant said. ‘It’s times when I mess up and he tells me. It’s times when he messes up and I tell him. We both got to do a better job of responding to each other and just helping each other out.’ Asked if the frustration is from the defensive end or offense end, Durant said ‘it’s both ends.’ … ‘I think it goes back to us wanting to be so perfect,’ Durant said. ‘Sometimes we both got to just calm down and play the game.'”