Kevin Durant: Calling LeBron’s Business Partners a Posse ‘Sounds Like a Downgrade’

by November 19, 2016
kevin durant posse

After the Warriors’ 104-88 win in Boston, Kevin Durant was asked to weigh-in on Phil Jackson’s use of the word “posse” when describing LeBron James‘ business partners.

Durant told reporters that he understands James’ issue with Jackson’s words—that beyond the obvious racial undertones, the word would seem to discredit the incredible success of James’ business team.

Like James, KD said he doesn’t think Jackson is a racist, and agreed with Carmelo Anthony in that Jackson shouldn’t be discussing other team’s players in public.

More from ESPN:

“I see why LeBron took offense to it,” Durant told ESPN. “He doesn’t just work on the basketball court; he puts his work in [off of it as well]. He’s trying to set himself, his kids, his kid’s kids up forever. So doing it for 10-plus years, to not associate what he’s done with being an empire, I understand why he took offense to it.”




“I don’t think Phil is racist,” Durant said to ESPN. “I think he just used a bad word, and he shouldn’t be talking about other players anyway on another team. But I don’t think Phil, I don’t think he meant it in a bad way, but it sounds like a downgrade to what they really are. I understand why [LeBron] was upset.”

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