Kevin Durant Looking to Be More Aggressive in Game 4

Expect a much more decisive Kevin Durant tonight in what is basically a must-win game for the OKC Thunder in these Western Conference Finals. From The Oklahoman: “In Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, Durant made just seven of 22 shots in the Thunder’s series-shifting loss to the James Garners. Durant occasionally has games like that. And the next time you see him, be it shootaround or ballgame or big screen, he’s smiling and congenial. Resolved and determined, but still full of gee-whiz charm. Same old KD. Not Sunday at Thunder headquarters. Durant was somber. Gloomy. Angry, almost. Check that. Angry, definitely. Mad at the media? Mad at himself? Mad at DeShawn Stevenson’s defense, which is trying to go all Shane Battier and Tony Allen on the NBA scoring champion? Head cold? Girl problems? Cable out at the new house in Gaillardia? Whatever it is, Durant offered no clues. ‘We just don’t want to lose,’ Durant said. ‘Just ready to play, man.’ … And to win, the Thunder needs the Durant of Games 1 and 2, when he made 24 of 48 shots and averaged 32 points. Scotty Brooks expressed confidence that Durant will be fine in Game 4. Even said Durant, despite his public countenance, often gets angry after a poor outing … ‘Plain and simple,’ Durant said. ‘I figured it out. Be more aggressive. Be stronger with my catches and my drives.’ … As Durant learned against Memphis, you’ve got to stand up to bullies. ‘Be more aggressive,’ Durant said, using short, declarative sentences that are not his usual speech pattern. ‘It’s simple. Be more aggressive before and after I get the ball. We gotta be the first hitters. Gotta come out aggressive, no matter what. And that starts with me.'”