Kevin Durant: ‘It’s Not About Me and Russ’

Kevin Durant and his family want less attention paid to his personal rivalry with former teammate Russell Westbrook.

KD says the battle isn’t really about him and Russ—the focus should be on Golden State vs. OKC, which resulted in a 108-91 Thunder win Wednesday night against the visiting Warriors.

Durant’s mother, who has criticized Thunder fans’ reaction to her son, says the matchup has become “too hyped.”


“It’s not about me and Russ,” the small forward told ESPN after the Golden State Warriors lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder 108-91 on Wednesday. “It’s about the Thunder and the Warriors. Myself and Russ are competing out there. That’s part of the game. It’s basketball. It’s not about us. We’re just playing the game, and trash talking is part of it. That’s all it is.”


Durant was seen saying, “You’re a p—y.” Westbrook responded, “You’re soft.”


“It’s OKC,” Wanda Durant said. “It’s the same atmosphere that they’ve always had, so we wouldn’t expect anything different. I just think it’s too hyped. It’s just basketball. Not even as a fan and being here and watching both of them, I really don’t get it. But it is what it is.”

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