Kevin Durant on His Love for OKC

by March 11, 2010

Durant tells his local paper that one of the reasons he’s fallen in love with the city, is the overall small-town vibe, which he digs. That, and the free cookies and candy: “I was watching the Larry Bird-Magic Johnson documentary the other day,’ Durant said. ‘I’m similar to Bird. I like being at home. I like staying at my mom’s house and her cooking. That’s the kind of person I am. I’m not into the big city lights and the paparazzi, that type of stuff. I just love playing basketball and chillin’ out.’ In the HBO documentary Durant referred to, Bird was comfortable in French Lick, Ind., while Johnson preferred the constant entertainment in Hollywood. ‘I can relate to both of those guys — Magic Johnson for how much he loves the game and his enthusiasm for the game and Larry Bird for how laid back and relaxed he is,’ Durant said. ‘That’s the kind of guy I am off the court. I’m good in Oklahoma City. I love it here. I like going outside and seeing the neighbors and they say, ‘Hello.’ They make me cookies and give me Skittles. There are cities you may not get that.”’