Kevin Durant on Russell Westbrook: ‘There’s Times We Cuss Each Other Out, But That’s a Part of Being Brothers’

It seems like ever since Russell Westbrook joined the Oklahoma City Thunder, there have been rumors and sources and stories all about his friendship with Kevin Durant. Speculation about the strength of their bond has been around forever, as has the insistence from Russ and KD that there is absolutely no tension.

So to clear things up, KD did a long-ranging interview with Anthony Slater of The Oklahoman, basically all about his relationship with Westbrook. Perhaps the strongest quote is below, in which Durant admits that at times they go at it, but they are “like family.” Check it out:

“There’s times where we go at it. There’s times I don’t like what he’s doing out on the court, there’s times where he hates what I’m doing out on the court. There’s times where it’s Russ, you gotta control your attitude or KD, you gotta stop, you gotta speak up, whatever. There’s times we cuss each other out, but that’s a part of being brothers. Because I know if I need something, he’ll be there and if I need to talk to someone outside of basketball, he’ll be there. It’s a real brotherhood type relationship. We’re like family.”