Kevin Durant On Staying With the Nets: ‘You’re Not Just Going to Give Me Away’

The Brooklyn Nets went through a roller coaster of emotions during the offseason after their superstar Kevin Durant requested a trade. Back in June, this decision by the two-time champion not only shook the organization but also the rest of the league, knowing that a potential trade package could be assembled to acquire Durant. 

At that moment, the 33-year-old admitted that he had some uncertainty with the team last year. To Durant, the franchise’s direction was going away from a championship culture, which is important to be a part of at this late stage of his career.

“As the season went on, you seen what happened with our season,” said Durant on Media Day. “Guys in and out the lineup. Injuries — just a lot of uncertainty, which built some doubt in my mind about the next four years of my career. I mean, I’m getting older. I want to be a place that’s stable and trying to build a championship culture. I had some doubts about that. I voiced them to Joe (Tsai).”

A change of scenery seemed like the only thing that could have done the 2014 NBA MVP justice. Teams such as the Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Boston Celtics, and even the Golden State Warriors were rumored as possible destinations for Durant. To the relief of many Brooklyn fans, the sweepstakes for the Nets star ended in late August after a meeting between Durant and the front office

After the meeting, both sides agreed to move forward, and Durant emphasized this on Media Day. When asked if he was surprised to be a Net going into the season, the twelve-time All-Star said he wasn’t because the Nets know how valuable he is.

“Nah, I mean … I know I’m that good that you just not going to give me away. That’s one thing that I did appreciate about Sean (Marks) and Joe (Tsai). It’s like, ‘You’re too great for us to give you away. Just that easy and that simple.’ I get that. I know who I am.”

KD and the Nets begin the season with a matchup against the Pelicans on Oct. 19.