Kevin Durant Says Draymond Green Didn’t Call Him After Game 7

by June 12, 2017

Draymond Green recently told the story of ringing up Kevin Durant moments after a devastating Game 7 loss in last year’s NBA Finals, something KD says is “100 percent false.”

Whatever the case, the two stars are on the brink of winning their first title together.

Green claims he told Durant that the Warriors wouldn’t really need him to step up until the Finals.


“I actually told him earlier in the year. He might have got frustrated one time. I said, ‘Hey, my friend. To be honest with you, we don’t really need you that much in the regular season,'” Green recalled saying to Durant. “‘But you know, when those NBA Finals come around, we’re really going to need you to play big for us.’ He was like, ‘Ah, all right.’


“He’s been playing big for us, so I guess I’m a genius.”


The Warriors secured the talent of a gifted isolation player who virtually eliminates extended offensive lulls. That’s the one ingredient they didn’t have last year.