Kevin Durant Says NBA Should Eliminate ‘One-And-Done’ Rule

by February 23, 2018
kevin durant one and done

Kevin Durant says the NBA should eliminate the “one-and-done” rule and allow players to enter the draft directly out of high school.

Durant went on to say the “one-and-done” rule—which requires American players to be one year removed from high school—isn’t “really doing anything.”

Do you think the one-and-done rule needs to be re-evaluated?

KD: “Yeah, they should let these kids make a decision however they want to. Whether they want to come out of high school should be on them. You can’t control everything.

“If they feel as though they ready, that’s on them. If they want to make a decision on their life, that’s on them. If they don’t get drafted, that’s on them.

“You can try to control it, but you’re still not really doing anything.”