Kevin Durant Says Ty Lawson Should Be an NBA All-Star

by December 18, 2013

OKC Thunder superstar Kevin Durant and Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson are longtime friends — for instance, they shared a room in their prep school dorm. And now KD is pushing for Lawson to join him in the All-Star game. Per the Oklahoman: “We been through a lot together, man,’ Durant said. ‘Been up through everything together as friends.’ So it’s not surprising that, when given the platform at Tuesday’s shootaround, the Thunder star served as the spokesman for the Nuggets guard’s All-Star campaign. ‘He should be (an All-Star), in my opinion,’ Durant said, later explaining: ‘He’s not one of those sexy names like Russell Westbrook or Stephen Curry. He just started to become one of those guys you depend on as a point guard. He was behind Chauncey (Billups) his first few years, and he’s eased his way into the starting lineup. Now he’s turned into a star. So, give it a few more games and you’ll start hearing Ty Lawson’s name all the time because he’s having a great season.'”