Kevin Durant Weighing Options in Israel, Spain and Germany

by November 13, 2011

If players don’t accept the owners’ current offer, some believe the union’s next move will be decertification, which will almost certainly cost everyone involved the entire ’11-12 season. With that possibility ahead of them, many NBAers will soon be examining their overseas options—or in the case of Kevin Durant, already are. Via Yahoo!: “If the labor impasse isn’t resolved, Durant said he could sign a contract next week to play overseas. He’s weighing offers from Maccabi Tel Aviv in Israel, Valencia in Spain and BBC Bayreuth in Germany. Any deal Durant signs would include an opt-out clause that allows him to return to the NBA as soon as the lockout ends. ‘I’m right on the fence with playing overseas and I’m about to jump over,’ Durant said in a phone interview from Josh Howard’s celebrity game in Dallas. Durant said he will let Players Association executive director Billy Hunter and president Derek Fisher decide whether players should vote on the current offer. But he would vote to reject it.”