Kevin Durant’s HS Coach: ‘He’s Taken the Torch from LeBron’

En route to his first NBA championship, there was a swelling chorus that Kevin Durant had become the NBA’s best player.

And according to KD’s high school coach, Stu Vetter, the reigning Finals MVP has “taken the torch” from LeBron James.

Durant’s Warriors took down James and the Cavs in five games for the title.

Per USA Today:

Is this year’s title the first of a run of many for Kevin and the Warriors?


SV:: “It’s hard to predict, but I will say that he’s happy where he is and those guys are the same type of guys. I could see Kevin and Stephen Curry working on their games on their own a lot like Kevin did back in high School with Greivis Vasquez. I actually think they can be even better next season.”


Does this championship turn the proverbial tide? Is Kevin Durant the best player in the world?


SV:: “Well, in my opinion he’s the greatest basketball player in the world. I have no problem saying that. LeBron James is a tremendous talent, but he does a lot of things on brute strength as opposed to basketball skills. Wilt Chamberlain was the most dominant player I’ve ever seen. He wasn’t the most skilled player, he just powered his way in. Bill Russell was the better basketball player though. KD is 6-11, he’s got long arms, he can get his shot off on anyone and he handles the ball and plays like a guard. I just think that right now he’s taken the torch from LeBron. I wouldn’t have a problem with people saying that they’re No. 1 and No. 2.”