Kevin Garnett Considered Retirement This Summer

by September 29, 2014

After losing a tough, five-game Playoff series against the Miami Heat last May, Kevin Garnett once again thought about walking away from the game.

Of course, just a month later, the 38-year old future Hall of Famer was back in the gym, sweating away any doubts about returning for his 20th NBA season.

KG says he’s looking forward to playing an enhanced role under new Brooklyn Nets head coach Lionel Hollins. Per The Record:

“These last three years, I must admit,” Garnett said. “I’ve thought about life and where basketball is as far as the priority.”


”It’s not like 50-50, I’m in the middle of the road or gray area,” Garnett said. “I’m a person that when you commit to something, you commit to it. It’s that simple.”


“I like to come in each year and assess it,” Garnett said. “I’ve always said the days when I’m not feeling basketball again, which is absurd, or when I don’t have the motivation to come in here, it’s time to move on. But that’s not the case. I’m very much motivated. I’m looking to have a better year than last year and I’m looking to enjoy this year.”