Kevin Garnett Has No Problem Being Carmelo Anthony’s All-Star Teammate

by January 18, 2013

The most interesting subplot of the 2013 NBA All-Star Game is without a doubt the fact that Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett will be sharing the same locker room, after the fireworks they recently created. KG says he doesn’t anticipate any problems. Per the Boston Herald: “From my understanding, me and Melo are fine,” said Garnett, who will take on the Knicks next Thursday in Boston. “I don’t anticipate any friction. You know, I’m a man; he’s a man. I don’t think that situation will boil over into this and spoil the All-Star weekend. I think we’re much more professional than that. But you never know. I’m just speaking from my perspective, but I don’t anticipate that. We’re both going there to enjoy the game. That’s pretty much what it is.'”