Kevin Garnett on Chris Bosh’s Injury: ‘It’s Very Tough to Come Back from’

Though he has begun to take part in some light workouts, the likelihood of Chris Bosh donning a game uniform for the Miami Heat anytime soon isn’t very high at the moment. Kevin Garnett knows all about abdominal strain injuries, and how difficult they can be to recover from. Per Fox Sports: “Garnett suffered the same muscle strain during the Celtics’ championship season of 2007-08. He missed nine games over a period of slightly more than three weeks, first sitting out Jan. 27, 2008, and returning Feb. 19. ‘It’s very tough to come back from,’ Garnett said. ‘Very tough. Very difficult. It’s in the core of your body, the abs are kind of the parts to hold you up. Very, very hard to come back from.’ When asked how long it took him to really get back after the injury, Garnett laughed and said, ‘Too long. But I muscled through it,’ said Garnett. ‘Everybody has a different tolerance. I don’t know (how long Bosh might be out). We’ll see how serious it is, and we’ll see if he can battle back from it.’ Bosh was hurt in Game 1 of an East semifinal May 13 against Indiana and missed the last five games of the series. […] Heat coach Erik Spoelstra called it a ‘positive sign’ Bosh was able to do some court work Sunday for the first time. But his return is not yet said to be imminent. ‘He just did the next step in the progression of his rebab,’ Spoelstra said of Bosh’s workout on the main AmericanAirlines court with Heat assistant coach Keith Askins, a workout that included some shooting. ‘There is still not a timetable, and it was a very light workout on the court. Really more it was a progression of his rehab than it was more of a basketball workout, but I can see how it would be interpreted different. I wouldn’t overread into his workout. We’ll continue to re-evaluate him every day. He’ll continue to do his rehab. When he starts legitimate basketball work, I’ll pay attention a little more.’ Spoelstra said he prepared for the series under the assumption the Heat won’t have Bosh. His players are doing the same.”