Kevin Garnett to Start for the Nets and Play Heavier Minutes

New Brooklyn Nets head coach Lionel Hollins expects Kevin Garnett to return for his 20th season and final year of his contract. Hollins can’t imagine KG not starting, or playing limited minutes (as was the case under Jason Kidd last season.)

Garnett will be “out there”, according to Hollins. Per the NY Post:

“There is nobody in the gym that I would put in his place,” Hollins said. “He has earned the right to have that opportunity, to be the starter from Day 1. Somebody has got to knock him out. … It’s got to be like a heavyweight fight. I don’t see that really happening, but if it happens then I will deal with that decision when it comes. But I think when we start playing, [Garnett] will be the starting power forward.”


“I didn’t even ask him,” Hollins said (about Garnett potentially retiring.) “You’re either here, or you are not here. Because if he decided to return and you say, ‘How close was it for him to come back?’ It doesn’t really matter. You’re pregnant or you’re not pregnant,” Hollins continued with a laugh. “He looks good, he looks in great shape, he’s shooting the ball extremely well … he is working. I would assume that if he decided to come back and if in fact it is his last year, he would want to make it his best.”


“If he’s healthy and producing, he’s going to play,” Hollins said. “How many minutes? I don’t know. But he is not going to play 15 or 16 minutes [per game]. I can guarantee you that. If he is playing and starting, he’s going to be out there.”