Kevin Garnett Thinks Jeff Green is More Aggressive This Season

by October 22, 2012

People in Boston are excited about Jeff Green’s rejuvenated game, and none moreso than teammate Kevin Garnett. KG’s analysis of Green is that he’s much more aggressive this season. Per WEEI: “Following the final Celtics preseason game, C’s coach Doc Rivers called Jeff Green the most impressive player in their eight games against European and NBA competition, and Kevin Garnett offered some insight into why. Green sat at his locker across the room, unbeknownst to Garnett as he explained the difference between this Green and the one who came to Boston for the final 26 games of the 2010-11 season. ‘Jeff’s a lot more aggressive than I can remember, man,’ said Garnett. ‘I can remember when he first got here. Maybe he was just understanding his role or whatever — at times he was tentative.’ […] ‘But now I think he has a different appreciation,’ Garnett continued. ‘He’s playing like it, man. He’s playing like he knows he’s going to be here. He understands his role, he’s aggressive and we’re going to need that from him. I told him he’s got an old school game like James Worthy. To see him back, to see him refreshed, doing the things he loves to do, it’s good to see him back, so I’m happy for him.'”