Kevin Garnett Unhappy With His Play vs the Miami Heat

by May 09, 2014

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Garnett is struggling mightily through the first two Playoff games against the Miami Heat’s stifling defense – KG, 37, has averaged just two points and shot an abhorrent 20% from the field in both losses. KG admits that he is growing increasingly frustrated . Per the NY Daily News:

“I’m not happy with my play right now. I’m trying to get in a flow and a rhythm,” said Garnett, who is shooting 20% and averaging two points in the two games against Miami. “Try to bring something. It’s just frustrating. But I’ll grind through it.

“(I’ll) continue to work. Continue to find ways to be aggressive offensively. Continue to look for opportunities. Rebound the ball. And continue to talk and inspire.”

Before (Game 2 Thursday), Garnett made it clear ahead that – despite the lack of offensive opportunities — he wasn’t going to undermine coach Jason Kidd or complain.

“I knew I was giving up things coming here (in a trade from the Celtics),” Garnett said. “I understand that. I’m not going to be a distraction or complaining about things that I kind of anticipated. Whatever (Kidd) needs (me) to be on this team I’ve tried to be and will continue try to be. I’m not going to come off and be a distraction at this point. I understand my job and go out there and do it to the best of my ability. If I have a chance to be aggressive, I’ll take those chances. If not, do what I can, do the things that I know I can.”