Kevin Garnett Wants Jeff Green to Be More of an A-Hole

by November 12, 2012

Being nice on the basketball court won’t get you very far. Just ask Kevin Garnett, who appreciates when teammate Jeff Green transforms into a not-so-nice person. Per CSNNE: After Boston’s 96-92 win over Milwaukee, Jeff Green sat in his locker stall, sharing a few laughs with teammate Courtney Lee. There he was, the seemingly always-jovial Jeff Green. It was in a sense a Jekyll-and-Hyde moment because the happy-go-lucky Jeff Green in the locker room was an absolute monster on the floor just a few minutes prior to that for Boston. And nobody seemed to relish this fiesty, bad-boy side of Green more than Kevin Garnett. ‘Jeff’s a really, really nice guy,’ Garnett said. ‘Some nights, you just gotta be an asshole.’ And the turning point for Green seemed to be an attempted dunk early in the fourth quarter in which he was fouled on the play. ‘After the dunk he was aggressive; he was greedy Jeff,’ said a visibly excited Garnett. Not only was the 12 points scored by Green a season-high, but it came on a night in which he played with the greatest amount of aggression we’ve seen from him this season. Green said his strong play was fueled in large part by the Celtics defense getting multiple stops which allowed the C’s to get out in transition. ‘I just have to stay aggressive,’ Green said. ‘As long as I’m aggressive, that’s all that matters. I’m not going to get every call, I’m not going to make every shot. But as long as I stay aggressive, I’ll be good.'”