Kevin Garnett Watches Family Guy, Not Basketball ‘Programs’

by May 17, 2010

Chris Forsberg has a bunch of bullet point and notes from Orlando today, but this is the best nugget we found. “The Celtics have largely brushed off the suggestion that they might be angry from the national media’s focus on what other teams have done wrong, more so than what Boston has done right this postseason. Garnett said it’s surely fodder for motivation, but he doesn’t put too much stock into it.  Heck, he hardly hears the pundits giving his TV viewing habits. ‘A lot of stuff motivates us, but I watch a lot of Family Guy, so I don’t really watch your programs,’ said Garnett. ‘I don’t really hear what you guys say. But, at some point, it gets back to the group. It can motivate us. But it’s what’s in front us — we had Miami to beat, we had Cleveland to beat — those are all motivational subjects. Orlando is no different. Both these teams are very good, that’s enough motivation. We saw the way Orlando was lighting people up in the playoffs against Charlotte and Atlanta, that motivated us more [than the pundits].'”