Kevin Love: Cavaliers Trade Rumors ‘Not Outlandish’

by June 12, 2014

Kevin Love hasn’t done much to deny rumors that he wants out of Minnesota. He visited Boston with C’s rumors whizzing around, and now he hasn’t backed away from a link to the Cavs during an interview, either. From The Big Lead:

Q: I saw this actual sentence on ESPN over the weekend: “Cleveland has interest in Love, but the feeling isn’t mutual.” Did you see that and what do you make of reporting like that? How difficult is it not to pick up the phone and call your agent, or pick up your phone and tweet that it’s BS?


Love: I try not to read it. A lot of it is brought to my attention through outside sources, sometimes twitter. But like most people, I need to be conscious of my image and try to roll with the punches. I know that’s a generic answer. I don’t think the Cleveland [trade rumors] are outlandish at all. They have a great young foundation.