Kevin Love: ‘I’m a Cleveland Cavalier Long Term’

by December 03, 2014

Opposing teams and fanbases not-so-secretly hope things blow up in Cleveland, to the degree that All-Star forward Kevin Love will consider other options during his free agency next summer.

Once again, Love says that’s a pipe dream.

The big fella intends to be a Cavalier for many more years to come.

Per ESPN Radio (via CBS):

“Whether we lose two or three games in a row, or there’s a game where my statistical output isn’t necessarily what it should be, people are always going to talk,” Love said.


“Since I was traded to Cleveland this summer, I’ve said since Day 1 that I’m a Cleveland Cavalier long term and I plan for it to be that way. If I could end all the speculation now, I would. But people are going to continue to talk no matter what.”