Kevin Love is 25 Pounds Lighter This Season

NBA fans and media generally described Kevin Love as a little chunky during his first three seasons in the League, but that’s supposedly all about to change this year. From the Portland Tribune: “After an extended offseason of honing his body, Kevin Love will no longer qualify for the ‘beefy’ category. Minnesota’s 6-9 power forward will enter training camp on Dec. 9 weighing in at 240 pounds, down about 25 from his playing weight at the end of last season. ‘Haven’t been this low since my freshman year in high school,’ quips Love, 23, the former Lake Oswego High standout. How did Love become the NBA’s version of Gisele Bundchen? ‘If I give you all the secrets, then …’ Love teases during a Thanksgiving weekend visit to the Oswego home of his parents, Stan and Karen. Love continued his workouts through the offseason with trainer Gunnar Peterson near Kevin’s home in Santa Monica, Calif., but it was more than that. ‘It was taking care of my body, eating the right foods, getting sleep and training the right way,’ Love says. ‘More than anything, I paid attention to what I ate.’ A sleeker Love will mean more mobility, and will ease the pressure on his knees as they take a pounding through a shorter, but still lengthy NBA season.”