Kevin Love: Team USA’s Secret Weapon?

Love tells FanHouse that he doesn’t mind the lack of playing time, for now: “Some wonder why big man Kevin Love is not playing more for Team USA. After all, he’s averaging 7.4 points and 6.6 rebounds in just 10.4 minutes while shooting 59.3 percent. It has been suggested Love is being saved to be unleashed on foes in the knockout round. He doesn’t mind that characterization. ‘I’m the secret weapon,’ he said. Love doesn’t mind that he is tied with center Tyson Chandler for having played the least minutes on the team. He said Team’s USA’s three big men — starting center Lamar Odom, Chander and Love — all provide different looks and who plays might be tailored to what the Americans need. ‘Tyson goes in and block shots and rebounds and gets putbacks and alley-oops,’ Love said. ‘There’s another look for Lamar. He’s unorthodox and left-handed. Wherever I fit in, I just want to win the gold medal.’ Like Odom, Love can go inside and out, although Love is the better outside shooter. Though both are 6-foot-10, Love doesn’t have the length of Odom. But Love has been a better rebounder in the Worlds than his teammate, averaging 5.2 in 19.6 minutes.'”